MiWray Global Marketing LLC
MiWray Global Marketing LLC

"... I did it MiWray!"

MiWray Global Marketing LLC is a growing family of diverse companies spanning the retail to affiliate marketing spaces.
Meet Our Family

iSpyDefense.com was our first subsidiary. Its mission is to strive to be a premier resource of products for self-defense, security and piece of mind.

At iSpyDefense.com, you will find stun guns, stun batons, pepper spray and personal alarms.  Additionally, you can find home and business protection equipment such as spy DVRs, fake security cameras, counterfeit currency detectors and more.
Rocketts Way Creations
Rocketts Way Creations is Jody Wray's Etsy Shop. Here, she showcases her knitting and crafting talents.

You can find knitted scarves and blankets, hand-made baby items, vintage jewelry and more.

MiWray Affiliate Marketing

MiWray Affiliate Marketing puts the "Marketing" in MiWray Global Marketing LLC.  Its mission is to offer the right information to the right person at the right time. It operates in various niche markets in order to fulfill its mission.

Steampunk Galleria

Steampunk Galleria is the latest company to join our fold.  Its mission is to strive to be a premier resource of high-quality steampunk related clothing and accessories. At SteampunkGalleria.com, you can find a varied assortment of steampunk clothing for men and women as well as steampunk jewelry and accessories.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message.